Monday, January 30, 2012

Three Sexy Frazetta Women

A nice sketchsheet featuring three lovely ladies, partially colored in colored pencils. They were done simply for the joy of drawing and with no other purpose in mind. None of the images were published or subsequently used for another project. This sheet was found partially crushed in the back of a dresser drawer upstairs in Ellie's room. Thank God it survived.

(c) 2012 DocDave Winiewicz


  1. the simplicity of line in the standing girl is totally awe inspiring. the upper torso is broken down into only the essential lines..........nothing added to detract from the beauty of form!!!

    Thanks Dave

  2. i LOVE this blog!!!!!

    thanks dave. btw, i straightened the art in photoshop and put a copy of it on my blog, with a link back to this blog of course; hope that's ok with you.

    1. thanks dave.
      here's the link to the blog and frazetta art:

  3. No, that's fine. Nice job. You can put a link in your comment here, Roddy.

    And yes, Tracy, that standing girl is sublime. Some think these are studies for the Las Vegas oil, but they are not. This sheet predates that oil by a lot. It was signed in 1995, after it was long drawn.


  4. I wonder when he drew this, yes the standing girl is amazing, I love the way Frazetta draws the figure right to the finger tips, right to the toes. He draws such great feet, many artist struggle with this, not Frazetta, you get the feeling there is always something left over in is arsenal of talent. Where as other artist no matter how detailed, there works seem limited and strained.

  5. Very interesting. Valuable addition to history