Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Frazetta Gem

In the early 1970's Russ Cochran asked Frank to do a couple of drawings for his publishing company. Frank produced an exquisite fox face logo in a circular motif and a standing fox illo for Russ' letterhead. This sketch sheet contains a study for that project. Frank also included that wonderful cascading piece of ribaldry on the sheet. Horny and aggressive amazon warriors chasing reluctantly tumescent men. An amazing little presentation is it not? Straight from some exotic fever dream in the highly eroticized corner of his mind.

The original was discovered in the back of a drawer in 1994 where it was purchased by Alex Acevedo of the Alexander Gallery in NYC. It was partially crinkled and executed on very light paper, so Alex had it archivaly drymounted onto a heavier board. It has since been cut apart.

(c) 2012 DocDave Winiewicz


  1. Hey from Al McLuckie - don't know if the problem is on my end , but when I click to read the comments I get a blank screen .

    Best , Al

    Oh , would you be interested in the empty can of bad turp that caused Frank's thyroid problem? Ellie gave it to me in '85 during a visit - loong story - not trying to hit you up for anything , be glad to mail it to you as a thank you for your blog - I've had it on a shelf as an odd memento for decades .

  2. Al:

    Everything seems to be working fine. Must be a temporary glitch.

    Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I simply have too much stuff now. My wife would kill me if I showcased a smelly turp can!! :)

    Put it in the new museum when it opens.



    1. When I bought the Buck Rogers cover folio, I was pleasantly surprised to see that beautiful little fox illo on the envelope. Fascinating to see the study for it here! Once again you continue to enthrall Frazetta fans with previously unknown little gems! Thank you!!!

  3. Yes, Russ put that fox logo on many things. It was a beautiful wash drawing.