Sunday, January 15, 2012

Early Frazetta Watercolor

A very early watercolor portrait that looks to date from the early 40's, although I cannot be sure. The back of this piece has the word "Falanga" written on the back. Could this be a school project where Frank drew his old teacher Michel Falanga? Is it a family member, a well-liked uncle? This is a little mystery waiting to be solved. One thing for sure, it is a fantastic study and showcases the very early genius of Frazetta. There is so much life in that face, very expressive and beautifully colored.

(c)2012 DocDave Winiewicz


  1. Hoagy Carmichael !?

    Al McLuckie

  2. Michele Falanga, Frank Frazetta's childhood art teacher

    Read the posts at Alex Jay's blog, Tenth Letter of the Alphabet,

    Feb 1: Profile of Falanga includes a photograph of him and reproductions of his art

    Feb 2: News clippings about Falanga and the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts

    Feb 3: Students of the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts

    Feb 4: A look at 85 Court Street, home of the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts

    Feb 6: Hal Foster's influence on Frazetta's Thun'da

    Feb 9: Mini-profile of Paul Grubman, Frazetta's high school art teacher

  3. Thanks Alex! Valuable information.


  4. Excellent essay, Jay! I look forward to the other installments. This is such an important period in Frank's life and development.

    Do you think this watercolor portrait is a class exercise or caricature of Falanga?

    Thanks again.


  5. The photos of Falanga show that he was nearly bald, so it's probably not him. I wonder if the portrait was done in class or at home. If it was done in class, maybe the students had to draw each other. It could have been an outside assignment; maybe it was Frank's father or a relative.

  6. Someone told me he thinks it was Frank's favorite uncle. I'll try to solve the mystery.