Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A New Frazetta Masthead

I have been looking at old boxes of photos, slides, and art copies. I'm making a lot of discoveries, including many things I had forgotten about. I came across this wonderful portrait of Frank that I shot in the 1990's. I thought it would make a great masthead image. I love the serious, intense, no-bullshit gaze that he has.

I'll be away for the holiday. A wonderful and safe Thanksgiving to everyone! Look for another post early next week. It will be about the first time I looked through Frazetta's closet in 1982.

All the best and thank you for all the kind comments. They are deeply appreciated. I am trying to preserve some of these Frazetta memories for posterity and show some art that has never been seen. It's just one step in trying to preserve Frank's legacy as a living tradition of excellence. It was an honor to be his friend and I want to honor his memory.

Doc Dave


  1. Dave, I for one really appreciate this blog, and all you do to keep Frank's legacy alive. I have been a fan of his for over forty years, and never tire of looking at his work. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Hi Dave,
    I enjoy your blog immensely. I'm an avid sketcher/draughtsman myself and Frazetta continues to inspire me. And your stories make him come to life. I think (and wish for the future) that these recollections will one day serve everyone to remember what kind of person Frank Frazetta was. And to be honest, I sometimes wish I could have had the chance to know him on such a personal level. I'm from the Netherlands, and plan to visit the Frazetta Museum (which I believe is now being built in Austin)to at least see his work in person :) Please keep on writing your stories! By the way, a question comes to mind; Frazetta had such an incredible technique, which he developed by practicing a lot. So my question would be: are there many sketchbooks which we haven't seen yet? All the published material (sketches that is) is only a small body of work for a man who grew so old. I'd love to hear what you think.

    With kind regards,


  3. There is a LOT of art that has never been seen. I hope it gets published at some point. Most of it has been scattered into highly secretive collections with collectors who refuse to share. A sad pity.


  4. Dave,

    Love the photo of Frank. Just like his art No BS WYSIWYG.
    Keep up the good work. Frank would be proud.