Sunday, October 9, 2011

Frazetta: Living Legend Watercolor Frontis

This lovely watercolor has never been seen in color. It's one of those mysterious images that many collectors have always asked about. It was originally published in black/white as the frontis drawing to the LIVING LEGEND softcover book. That book is still the favorite of many because it gathers together so much pen/brush work. Most of the works were printed with all their delicious tonalities. Many collectors, like myself, worship the pen/ink stuff and consider Frank the best of all time. I've been arguing that point for decades. That argument has long been settled.

Well, this little beauty is a little gem of subtle tinting and wonderful gesture. This is the first time it's ever been seen in color. The signature, in pencil, is classic. For many years it sat in the back of the upstairs closet in the Frazetta home, ignored, unseen, and forgotten. Thank goodness for that because the darkness kept the colors fresh and alive and vibrant.



  1. Dave,

    I just want to say thanks for bringing back the blog. It is a great thing you are doing, and I surely missed your insights and memories into the world that is Frazetta, and the art ain't too bad either ; )

    All the best to you and please keep it up.

    Thank you


  2. Dave,
    I hope that you are well:-)
    You are doing nice work as always.
    Do you own this tiny litle girl colour art piece???
    Thank you very much for all
    I wait your answer

  3. Tracy!

    Thanks again for all the encouragement.

    You need to do a duplicate of that great "frazetta and aging characters" illo you presented to Frank as a gift. I wonder who has that original now. It was an "inspired" piece!


  4. No nose but,'s there! So often he "drew" without drawing. That comes from intuition:Can't be taught. sigh...

  5. Yes, Frank let's the viewer's imagination add a few elements.