Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frazetta and DocDave


I have some interesting footage of Frank that was shot during the making of the documentary. It was the first time Frank allowed himself to be videotaped. I tried to take advantage of this situation by buying a video camera and getting some footage involving Frank responding to ideas and questions. I wanted to document a few facts about things. Here is some raw footage where we talk about the great Weird Science Fantasy #29 cover and the Canaveral Press period. If this works out, I'll add some other video sections to this site. All the footage is (c) DocDave Winiewicz 2011


  1. Wonderful to have you share this.


  2. I will get to it...eventually. Remember this is a labor of love project!
    Living my life keeps getting in the way.



  3. Hello Dave,
    What a great little video!! I'm really enjoying rereading your blog and am glad you got it up and running again. Your insights into Frank's life are priceless and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life's memento's with us. It helps bring Frank just a little bit closer to the rest of us.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Frank and Ellie at the Alexander Gallery show back in '94, and later spent time with Ellie over several museum visits. Frank wasn't doing so well by then and didn't leave the house, and Ellie passed shortly afterwards.

    Being a student and fan of Frank's work for over 35 years, one thing's for sure. I can never get enough, so keep 'em coming!

    All the Best,

    Jorge Farfán